16 Marc Jacobs Quotes That Prove He Is The Wisest Of Fashion Gods

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  • To celebrate Marc Jacobs' 52nd birthday, behold the designer’s greatest nuggets of fashion wisdom…

    To celebrate Marc Jacobs’ 52nd birthday, behold the designer’s greatest nuggets of fashion wisdom… 

    1.‘Fashion isn’t a necessity. It pulls at your heart. It’s a whim. You don’t need it. You want it.’

    2. ‘I love the entire ritual of getting dressed. The whole is equal to the sum of its parts.’ 

    3. ‘When you see a fashion show, you see those seven minutes of what was six months of tedious work. Going up an inch and down an inch, changing it from one shade of red to another shade of red.’

    4. ‘As far back as I can remember, I had an interest in fashion. I used to go to sleep-away camp and they’d provide a list of things that you had to bring, and I always wanted to be a bit more creative than the list allowed. Like, if they required chinos, I wanted to hand-paint them.’ 

    5. ‘I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.’

    6. ‘We want to do sweaters for dogs and call it ‘Bark Jacobs.’ If it works, great. If it doesn’t, we’ll drop it and do something different.’

    7. ‘It was never my desire to revolutionize fashion, to make clothes that could be in a museum. I want to create clothes that have a certain style, but I want to see them used.’

    8. ‘I think it’s an old fashioned notion that fashion needs to be exclusive to be fashionable.’

    9. ‘I still appreciate individuality. Style is much more interesting than fashion.’

    10. ‘Innovation is an evolutionary process. It’s not necessary to be radical all the time.’

    11. ‘I love to take things that are everyday and make them into the most luxurious things in the world.’

    12. ‘One thing that is exciting about fashion is the surprise element. People don’t know what they want. They just know when they see it.’ 

    13. ‘I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for polka dots.’

    14. ‘Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.’

    15. ‘Luxury is anything you don’t need, right? I mean, you need food, water, clothing, shelter… but good wine, good food, beautiful interiors, nice clothes?’

    16. ‘I do love fashion. I certainly wouldn’t suffer all the stress that comes with it if I didn’t really love it.’

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