H&M’s Bring It On campaign is the motivation you need to recycle your clothes

Time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe for a good cause.

Time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe for a good cause.

Words by Penny Goldstone

Hands up who has ever ended up binning clothes because the charity shop was too far, you couldn’t be bothered to sort through them, it was just the easier option, or all of the above?

And did you know that seemingly innocent decision ended up in contributing to tonnes of clothes in landfills every year? Yep, now we’ve got your attention.

H&M, one of the most eco-conscious fashion stores out there, has been battling against just that since 2013, and is hoping to enlist the help if its customers with a powerful new video.

Entitled Bring it on, the short film shows what happens to the garments you recycle, from being turned into new fabrics for new clothes to being used as cleaning clothes.

Plus, as an extra incentive to encourage consumers to recycle, H&M is offering a £5 gift voucher to anyone who brings their unwanted clothes to their local H&M.

That’s literally all you have to do, H&M will take care of the recycling for you.

In doing this, it hopes to collect 25,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes per year by 2020. No meant feat, but a huge step forward for the environment.

It doesn’t end there either, the funds from the clothes are donated to the H&M foundation, with half going to research into textile recycling, and the rest to projects that focus on equality and marginalised groups.

Fashion with a conscience indeed.

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