Gucci unveils a new nature-positive strategy

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  • After announcing a change of pace with its collection, Gucci has now unveiled a new climate strategy that goes beyond carbon neutrality.

    The label has been carbon neutral since 2018, by following the mitigation hierarchy its its supply chain: avoid, reduce, restore and then, as a last measure, offset its remaining greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through nature-based solutions every year.

    However this new initiative goes towards a more nature-positive approach, with an aim to protect and restore critical forests and mangroves, while also investing in regenerative agriculture within its supply chain, and more broadly, to give back to nature.

    Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s President and CEO, said in a statement, ‘The evolution of our strategy incorporates a series of clear climate actions that will continue to prioritize reducing our emissions and drawing down CO2, which allows us to maintain carbon neutrality across our entire supply chain. At the same time, we are investing in regenerative agriculture as an important pillar of our approach.

    ‘Led by science, Gucci’s new Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio protects and restores important ecosystems that mitigate climate change, while providing lasting biodiversity and climate benefits for years to come.  We want to be part of the solution for nature and climate by mainstreaming practices and systems that will transform nature from being a victim of climate to becoming an actor to change climate, which will ultimately determine the future of our planet’.

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