The Hottest Men In Fashion… Who’s Yours Secret Fashion Crush?

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  • Forget the hot new trends, celebrate Fashion Month with our naughty-but-nice round up of our Top Ten (well, eleven actually) hot male designers...

    We know, we know… when we’re hard at work in the Fashion Week trenches, we’re supposed to be looking at the clothes, spotting trends, making lists of all the key accessories we’ll be shooting next season – that sort of thing.

    But sometimes, when our bums are numb from squeezing sideways onto the wooden planks that pass for show seating, while trying to see round the giant fedoras that all bloggers – by industry law – are required to wear, do you know what keeps us going here at MC HQ?

    Our secret fashion designer crushes, that’s what. Yes, the industry’s awash with a new wave of super-talented men – and everywhere we look there’s someone who would make The. Perfect. Fash-Boyf. And yes, we do know that in pretty much all cases, their interest lies, ahem, elsewhere. But really, why should that stop us from a small fashion reverie…? Tom, we could be a power couple! Jonathan, fix me with your piercing blue eyes! Peter, dress me up and make me pretty!

    Whether you love a fey floppy-haired type or you’re more about a chiselled cheek, there’s a fashion designer crush for all tastes. Find your perfect fashion match with our handy guide below.

    Your type: Chatty charmer

    Your fashion crush: Christopher Bailey

    Burberry’s creative overlord (and CEO to boot) combines global power with a heartwarmingly modest, down-to-earth personal charm. If you like a cuppa and a chat – with some high-level business thrown in – Bailey’s your man.

    Your type: Smouldering

    Your fashion crush: Peter Dundas – aka the new creative director at Roberto Cavalli. 

    With his lionine mane and chiselled and tanned surfer dude looks, Dundas is the man we’d most like to be swept off our feet by. And with his knack for cutting the sexiest frocks, he could bring us a wisp of sequinned chiffon to wear. Everyone wins.

    Your type: Gym Bunny – With Moves

    Your fashion crush: Olivier Rousteng. 

    That Kim Kardashian is no fool. She cottoned on to the benefits of hanging out with the only person who’s better at selfles than she is a long time ago. With his honed pecs and penchant for partying, her BFF (best fashion friend) Mr Rousteng would be our choice for a krazy Kardashian-worthy night out. The only downside: he probably wouldn’t be down with our need for chips on the way home.

    Your type: High Maintenance

    Your fashion crush: Tom Ford

    OK, he’s not exactly new on the fashion scene but the tuxedo-clad One basically invented the concept of the Hot Fashion Man. He’s even starred in his own campaigns – bare-chested – for goodness sake. Yes, there might be a bit of a jostle for mirror space. And he might be rather scarily opinionated about our outfit choices. But think of the upside – more Black Orchid than we could ever use!

    Your type: Too Cool For School

    Your fashion crush: Alexander Wang.

    His signature style – skinny jeans and a slouchy tee, with optional beanie – is reflected in his collections, an orgy of black leather and subculture-referencing footwear. If you’re into street style and you know your Japanese trainer brands from your Scandi denim labels, Wang’s the boy for you.

    Your type: Intellectual

    Your fashion crush: Dior’s Raf Simons

    He’s thoughtful, serious and in charge of one of France’s most legendary super-brands. And laughing in the face of frippery, frills and superficial embellishment, he’s given it a radical makeover. Serious Antwerp-influenced tailoring, art world inspirations and conceptualism galore – we know Raf would be just the man to talk us through the latest Cy Twombly retrospective.

    Your type: Flamboyant

    Your fashion crush: Marco de Vincenzo

    Milan’s new favourite is never one to under-embellish when there are colours to be clashed and shearling to carve into exciting new patterns. We had the pleasure of a personal tour round his rails last FW and he is quite literally the jolliest person we’ve ever met, with a passion for fashion oozing from every pore. We would need a few espressos to keep up, though.

    Your type: Mysterious

    Your fashion crush: Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci

    He’s just celebrated 10 years at the helm of Givenchy and our love for Tisci grows and grows. A man of few words (publicly, anyway), he saves all his expression for his clothes – and what dreamy, darkly romantic confections they are. If we did ever get the call, we’re not sure it wouldn’t all end in a mess of ruffles, drama and desperate attempts at pretending to be a free-spirited Chola girl to impress him. Oh the shame of even imagining it.

    Your type: Hyper-Fashionable

    Your fashion crush: Nicolas Ghesquiere of Louis Vuitton

    But aren’t all fashion people fashionable? We hear you cry. But even in fashion, there’s a hierarchy, folks, and Ghesquiere is right at the top of the tree. At the head of Balenciaga he turned it into one of the cleverest labels around – hitting the sweet spot between avant-garde and want-it-now covetable. And he’s doing the same at Vuitton. Wanna be in Ghesquiere’s gang? You’d better have some high-level names to drop.

    Your type: The Muso

    Your fashion crush: Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent

    His love for underground music scenes is legendary. His love for skinny jeans is also legendary. Combining the two, he would be the perfect gig partner – why, he could even shoot us in his signature super cool grainy black and white for his next SL campaign. Providing we could find a way to be the lead singer in Seattle’s hottest new gr-ave (that’s grunge/rave) band, that is.

    Your type: High-Energy

    Your fashion crush: JW Anderson

    For someone heading up a major luxury brand (hello Loewe) and setting the fashion agenda with his own London-based label, Jonathan Anderson is ridiculously young. But when you meet him you realise he’s basically a creative dynamo. When he arrived at Loewe, they moved the whole design operation from Spain to Paris – just for him. And he nips back and forth on the Eurostar making snap decisions on everything from bag designs to references for the next season. We really would love to hang out with J Dubs, but we’re not sure we could actually hack the pace.

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