This is what we know about Eurovision's stage invader at the moment

(I mean, we thought the UK would at least get a sympathy vote.)

eurovision stage invader
(Image credit: Rolf Klatt/REX/Shutterstock)

(I mean, we thought the UK would at least get a sympathy vote.)

The UK returned to Eurovision’s flamboyant stage last weekend with singer SuRie in tow and well, you may have heard that it didn’t exactly go according to plan. Halfway through a colourful light-filled performance, SuRie had her microphone wrestled away from her by a stage crasher who screamed about Nazism before being pulled away swiftly by security. Well, more details have come out about the unwelcome addition to her set.

Some outlets are reporting that the man is political protestor Dr ACactivisim, who shouted, ‘All Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom’ before being dragged offstage. He also wore a shirt plugging his new book about alleged corruption in the UK media and calls himself a ‘philosopher, activist and DJ’ in his Twitter bio.

A spokesperson for the European Broadcasting Union explained how he made it onstage, saying, ‘He climbed into the camera run and reached the main stage via the bridge, pursued by security.’

The London-based stage invader was also apprehended by police, which the EBU further elaborated on. ‘He was removed off stage after seven seconds and was questioned by police. We take security very seriously and an investigation into what happened is already underway.’

eurovision stage invader

Rolf Klatt/REX/Shutterstock
(Image credit: Rolf Klatt/REX/Shutterstock)

SuRie handled the whole situation like a champ as it occurred, clapping along to the song before picking up a new microphone and continuing to sing. Although she was offered the chance to perform again, she chose not to and her team shared a statement with BBC Eurovision.

The statement read, ‘SuRie was offered the option to perform again by the EBU. SuRie and her team are extremely proud of her performance and have together decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.’

She was highly praised for her response and finally made a public statement, saying, ‘Well, I’ve always said anything can happen at Eurovision…’

She also later tweeted, ‘I’ve been told the security agent who intervened last night is ok and thank goodness for that. Thank you everybody for your messages of love and support and huge congrats to @NettaBarzilal, I’m so, so proud of you x’

Netta Barzilal was a fellow Eurovision contestant from Israel, who wound up winning the competition.

It wouldn’t be totally out of character for DrACactivisim to have been the culprit, as he has a past history of similar stunts at high profile events. He previously interrupted Dermot O’Leary at the past National Television Awards right as Ant and Dec were declared winners, which led to a tense standoff with actor Dermot O’Leary. He also previously interrupted The Voice’s final as the winners were being announced as well as a live taping of Stephen Nolan’s show.

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