Donate old clothes...and save your relationship

Does the phrase 'wardrobe wars' strike a guilty chord? If so, you may be in need of a detox

Dawn Porter - detox your wardrobe
Dawn Porter - detox your wardrobe

Does the phrase 'wardrobe wars' strike a guilty chord? If so, you may be in need of a detox

If you've got white tee-shirts that have turned a sorry shade of grey or skinny jeans that last saw action in 2006, it may be time for a wardrobe detox. We take fashion seriously here at Marie Claire HQ and rational thoughts often go out of the window when confronted with the latest offering from Reiss.

Occasionally things like wardrobe space can become something of an issue and while there's something to be said for a walk-in/live-in wardrobe, sometimes a good fashion detox is exactly what is needed to rediscover those back-of-the-wardrobe classics.

And according to Cancer Research UK, now is the time to clean up our wardrobe.

Their latest survey has revealed that almost a third of people in a relationship feel annoyed, at least once a week, by their partner leaving piles of messy clothes scattered across the floor (Carrie and Aidan from SATC, anyone?). Worse still, 22 per cent of men cited an overflow of shoes as a source of arguments.

Fortunately for us, the charity has introduced a 'Detox Your Wardrobe' campaign, calling on the nation to donate clothes they don't wear to their local Cancer Research UK shop (find yours, here).

Fronted by TV presenter Dawn Porter, each bag of clothes will help fund the charity's lifesaving work into prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

So we think it's finally time for a January wardrobe clear-out. Not only are we helping a fantastic cause, we're also appeasing the long-suffering men in our life.

Besides, clearing out only means there's more space for an exciting new purchase...


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