Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will be reuniting for thanksgiving at this A-lister's house

And it's lovely

ben affleck and jennifer garnder
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And it's lovely

From the editors of InStyle Words by Alexandra Whittaker

As Thanksgiving draws nearer and we prepare our kitchens and stomachs accordingly, most people can look forward to time spent with family and friends, and Ben Affleck is no exception. The actor has big plans for his holiday celebration next week, and they involve some special people in his life - including his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will be reuniting with Affleck's mum and his brother Casey Affleck for a Thanksgiving holiday at his best friend Matt Damon's house, and it all sounds like the stuff of A-list family dreams. 'My mum's coming out, and I think my brother will come over. We'll go down the street and see Matt's family.'

'Thanksgiving's a nice holiday,' he told E! News at the premiere of Justice League on Monday. 'I just assume when we go to Matt's, he's already cooked something!'

Even if he isn't planning on cooking, he is planning on taking the family to see his new movie sometime soon since it's appropriate for his kids. 'I usually wait a couple weeks, if it's a kid-appropriate movie, and go in a theatre, which is what we'll do with this one,' he said. 'I'll go after the movie starts a little bit so people aren't distracted.'

Sounds like a solid plan to us.

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