Bad news if you live in London and order your shopping to work…

There goes our last minute ASOS deliveries!

There goes our last minute ASOS deliveries!

Personal office deliveries could become a thing of the past, thanks to a new bid to reduce the capital’s congestion and air pollution.

According to deputy mayor for transport, Val Shawcross, one in five vehicles on London’s roads are light vans, with the rise in online shopping contributing to the increase.

In a recent speech to MP’s, Shawcross suggested a ban on all personal deliveries. ‘We ought to be encouraging employers to ban private deliveries to premises in central London.’ But instead, to encourage workers to use click and collect points, ‘We need to be looking at click-and-collect type facilities in public transport modes so that people can collect their deliveries on the way home.’

(Us running to be the first in the click & collect queue...)

So bad news for anyone who loves ordering last minute deliveries straight to the office post room. (We’re all guilty). But while London Mayor Sadiq Khan is dedicated to lowering the pollution in the capital, we’ve got the give the guy credit. Although it might take a little longer to get hold of that brand new pair of Choo’s you’ve bagged in the Net-a-Porter sale, at least you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’ve in some way helped make London a cleaner and greener place.

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