10 Takeaway Quotes From The New Issue Of Marie Claire Runway

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  • From Karl Lagerfeld's take on street protest chic and Jeremy Scott's love for his BFF Barbie, to the secrets of SS15's most out-there beauty (yes, Pat McGrath, we are talking about those latex masks) - Runway SS15 is a smorgasbord of stylish insights. Read on for our favourite quotes of the issue...

    ‘I was an art student and our weekend assignment was to make a plaster cast of something solid, so…Jimi Hendrix was the first successful cast. He had a huge presence but was very quiet as I submerged him in a mold.’ Cynthia The Plaster Caster, 1960s groupie and SS15 style icon, on the moment she began to, um, firm up her groupie USP.

    ‘When it comes to Barbie, I’ve never been a fan: her freakishly vast eyes, teeny waist and pointy plastic titties make me cross, and [Moschino] models dressed as her made me feel crosser. It also made me feel about 103. None of this swayed my conviction that Jeremy Scott is a genius.’ Fashion journalist Laura Craik on the fashionable controversy that was the Moschino SS15 show.

    ‘My dream is to dress Mrs Obama. She’s a symbol, the wife of the first black president. I love it when actresses wear my clothes, but Mrs Obama, Aung San Suu Kyi…these are women who changed the world and changed my life too.’ Hot new Milanese design star Stella Jean shows why she’s the thinking woman’s fashion crush. 

    ‘Chanel, even if it’s expensive, it’s fashion – not really for the street, but fashion you can wear in all kinds of circumstances.’ Karl Lagerfeld has the courage of his convictions. Who else could build their own Parisian boulevard and turn feminist protests into a fashion statement?

    ‘I loved my school uniform when I was little. It was brown, which was pretty gross. It was worn with a skirt, a jumper and knee socks, which is still pretty much what I wear!’ Who could have guessed where all that brown acrylic would lead, Simone Rocha? 

    ‘You can find inspiration in all sorts of things – horror is a balance of dark and light. If you look at ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ or [1960s French slasher movie] ‘Eyes Without a Face’, they’re as beautiful as films that are feted as the best of all time.’ Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte on the famously twisted creativity that produces New York’s most buzzed-about show. 

    ‘I wanted to look taller, but I was totally rejecting heels as they were too feminine. I loved my sneakers and I just said, ‘OK, I’m going to put a piece of cork in them.’ Isabel Marant on the surprisingly low-key story of her sellout wedge trainers. 

    ‘I wanted to play with Barbie’s logo, a classic icon. Moschino always had the humour; it’s so similar to my own brand’s aesthetic. At this house, I’m allowed to have fun and be free.’ Jeremy Scott demonstrates why he and Moschino are the perfect fashion match. 

    ‘I have to smile in selfies otherwise it’s too awkward. Don’t get me wrong, though, I do love a good duck pout. It might be a Scouse thing.’ Or it could just be a Zoolander thing, Charlotte Wiggins?

    ‘They cost £1, but we had to make them look like expensive Japanese lacquer. To fit them, we prepped the skin with alcohol for a non-slip texture, followed by a prosthetic adhesive.’ Pat McGrath’s models definitely deserved a nice relaxing facial after the Alexander McQueen show.

    Love these? Treat yourself to more in-depth interviews, all the trends and everything else SS15 in the latest issue of Runway, out now.

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