Discover Which Oscar Nominee You Look Most Like...

Let's all play the lookalike game


Let's all play the lookalike game

Ahead of the Oscars on Sunday night, we will mostly be wondering what it’s like to be inside Leo’s head right now, and also be playing our new favourite game, ‘Which Oscar nominee do you look like?

We love this game because it’s a one you can’t lose and it answers that age-old question: of all the famous talents recognised by the Academy, who is most like me?

Prepare to feel kind of fabulous, or really confused: the results can swing dramatically between thigh-slappingly accurate and baffling, and that’s the other joy of this game.

The website,, provides you with the facility to discover which celebrity you most resemble and it also has a special Oscar-themed functionality.

This Oscar inspired feature is powered by Bing and according to their blog, this is a handy how-to:

All you need to do is upload a photo, or search for one on the web, and the site will do two things:

1.The image search-matching technology will review photos of Oscar nominees from the web to match you with an Oscar nominated actor, actress or director. 2.Show you another three celebrity lookalikes (not Oscar-nominee specific) that are your doppelganger contenders.

What are you waiting for? Hours of fun await…

It’s not just this year’s nominee pool that the matches are drawn from – every nominated actor, actress or director in history has been banked for review and facial recognition tech is used to establish your best match.

Bing’s Program Manager Ravi Yada explains: ‘These matches are based on facial structure—think jawline, eye spacing and nose shape—and not things such as hair length or colour. That means your matches will share the same facial structure, but perhaps include a mix of gender and races.’

The fact that skin colour is not information that the site uses to make its matches is positive but also necessary, as anyone who has been following the #OscarsSoWhite controversy will be aware: diversity is still not reflected in the Academy's nominations this year, and has always been an issue.

Here's one we tried earlier: according to the site, Katy Perry most resembles Oscar nominee Marion Cotillard. The site also acknowledges that she does also look like Katy Perry, but not as much as she looks like Alexis Bledel.

We repeat. HOURS OF FUN.

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