Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils just dropped, and they’re selling out fast

The hunt for commuter-friendly perfume is over. Get them while they’re hot.

Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils

You can always trust Chanel to think outside the perfume bottle – right now it’s all about scribbling fragrance onto your neck thanks to the new Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils.

It’s not just that these four pretty pastel pencils are in keeping with the kind of beauty minimalism Instagram eats up. They have a purpose, too.

Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils, £65 for 4, Harvey Nichols

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With a retractable tip that you apply directly on the skin, solid crayon perfumes are transforming the world of perfume application. And how that plays out is two-fold.

First, you can whip them out on the sly and sweep them over pulse points on the go. Plus they're space saving if you want to throw them in your handbag so you can apply more later.

They are also more acceptable to dab on in public as the scent is discreetly released as soon as it hits your skin. In other words, fellow commuters won’t be cursing your perfume application in the same ‘please-God-let-her-get-off-at-the-next-stop’ way had you had liberally squirted it on.

If those benefits aren’t convincing enough to add ‘scribble and sniff’ to your beauty routine, the Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils are also more hand-luggage friendly.

And, dare we say it, more purse-friendly, too, as you are getting four interpretations of Chanel Chance for £65 – which still comes in cheaper than buying a full size bottle of one of these perfumes.

Chance brings together floral and spicy notes with jasmine, pink pepper and amber patchouli; Chance Eau Fraiche has a fresher, energetic vibe at first spritz; the fruitiness of Chance Eau Tendre is tempered by rose and jasmine while Chance Eau Vive is an upbeat floral thanks to grapefruit, blood orange and a heart of jasmine.

Also nice: Chanel Chance Perfume Pencils are perfect for perfume exhibitionists who want to disrupt the current fragrance codes but equally great for those who want to experiment and sit with each Chance fragrance for a while.

We’re smitten.

Fiona Embleton

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