Kristen Wiig Is Utterly Hilarious In The Latest Zoolander Trailer

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  • After 14 years, Derek is back...

    Dear God, it’s beautiful!

    There is yet another trailer for Zoolander 2, and it may be our favourite one yet.

    The clip features an unrecognisable Kristen Wiig as the head of a beauty laboratory, who (in an unintelligible accent), offers advice on staying young… but you may not be able to understand it all.

    Have a look at the video below, and just try not to imitate her accent for the rest of the day…

    In November, we showed you a second trailer for Zoolander 2.

    This one’s in the style of a hilariously weird perfume advert and shows Mugato doing some totally gross kissing, and Derek half-dressed as a cow, mooing into the sky.

    Don’t believe us? Watch it below…

    The new film will star old hands Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell and the cast also has some new stars to show off – namely Penelope Cruz, Justin Bieber and Benedict Cumberbatch as you’ve never seen him before.

    There are plenty of awesome new one-liners, an abundance of Mugatu hissy fits and as many Blue Steel pouts as you could ever wish for – as well as some epic catwalk action.

    Zoolander 2 has again been directed by Ben Stiller, but it’s Jennifer Aniston’s hubby Justin Theroux who has penned the script.

    The film is due to hit cinemas in February 2016 (in the middle of Fashion Week, no less) so can we expect another stunt?

    Here’s hoping so!

    Watch the first trailer below…

    We hope the film is at least three times as long (get it?).

    After teasing Zoolander – and fashion – fans with an appearance on the Valentino catwalk in February earlier this year, the first trailer for the Zoolander sequel finally arrived this weekend.

    Back in the summer, a teaser trailer for the new movie was shown, in which a narrator (which is inspired by Stephen Hawking) is heard talking about the history of the universe and finally, the creation of man. Cue a trip into the mind of male model Derek Zoolander which fans will be happy to see references many of the jokes from the hit 2001 movie, including mermen, no left turn signs and ‘eugoogly’.

    The narrator then says, ‘the one question that has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time’ before the trailer cuts to Ben Stiller as Zoolander in a total Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane outfit – asking the question: ‘If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?’ Indeed, despite a 14-year hiatus, everyone’s favourite male model doesn’t appear to have gained any wisdom with his advancing years.

    Here it is…

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