Great romantic advice from The O.C's Sandy Cohen we should all follow

Tell us how it is, Sandy...

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Tell us how it is, Sandy...

Was The O.C's Sandy Cohen the best TV Dad of all time? With his beautiful, logical mind, his inexplicable penchant for surfing, his deep reassuring voice and even those enormous life-of-their-own eyebrows. We're even happy to ignore the fact that he looked pretty much the same age as his father-in-law Caleb (he was supposed to be a whole generation below him, how did the casting directors not see this as an issue?)

And if there's one thing that old devil Sandy Cohen knew about, it was love. So whether you're having relationship issues or just need a bit of sage life advice, take yourself back to the early Noughties and let Sandy guide you in ways of the heart (seriously though - eyebrows).

1) ‘If you're old enough to go to a concert alone, if you're old enough to embark on a real relationship, then you’re old enough to be a man.’ Eat your heart out, Rudyard Kipling

2) ‘Love is crazy. It's always challenging. It's never easy.’ So true

3) ‘Just let yourself feel what you need to feel even if it hurts’ Find your emotional truth

4) ‘Believe me when you start hiding things, that's when the trouble starts.’ Always be honest

5) 'Foreplay. The appetiser is as good as the main course.’ Jeez Sandy, no need to get personal

6) ‘[Love isn't easy] but you hang in there anyway. Even if you're having the worst fight in the world or even some stupid argument that neither of you can even remember what it's about, because it's worth it.’ That’s better

7) ‘You either focus on what separates you, or you focus on what holds you together’ Wisdom indeed

8) ‘Put some thought and effort into making some real New Year's Eve plans’ Um, thanks...

9) ‘You just have to show her that you value her’ Flowers, fancy restaurant dinners, cash donations – anything

10) ‘The key [to a relationship] is patience’ Simple but effective

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What a guy.

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