This is why the Queen won’t answer questions about Harry and Meghan

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  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one of the most famous couples on the planet, and for better or for worse they’re talked about constantly. From praise for Meghan’s successful charity clothing line to criticism for their use of private jets, their every move is scrutinised and the world wants to know everything about them (and their four month old son, Archie Harrison for that matter).

    But earlier this week, it was reported that the Queen had asked those around her to stop asking about Harry and Meghan.

    Royal expert Quentin Letts tweeted: ‘Friend of an acquaintance was about to go riding with HMQ.

    ‘Was given v firm advice “Talk about anything except one subject.” Brexit? “No, The Sussexes.”‘

    A source then told The Sun: ‘Courtiers were aware the Sussexes are all anyone wants to ask her about. So to nip it in the bud some have taken to having a quiet word with some guests awaiting an audience with the Queen.

    ‘They suggested that questions around Harry and Meghan may not be the best choice as a topic of polite conversation.’

    So why did the monarch make this request? Some have speculated that the Queen is ‘disappointed’ with how the couple is representing the royal family – but according to commentator Ryan Phelan, the Queen did it out of love for her family.

    Speaking to Sunrise, he said: ‘I’ve seen a lot of, for instance, sporting parents that I think do grow tired when they got three children but one’s made it, they are famous in the paper.

    ‘They constantly get asked about one child and it feels like the others don’t ever get referenced.

    ‘I understand, she has a large number of kids and grandkids who she is probably very proud of as well. She would rather talk about them than just Harry and Meghan all the time.’

    So that’s that.

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