This Former Bond Girl Has Just Been Cast In The Next 'Fifty Shades' Film

Are you ready for something darker?

Kim Basinger
Kim Basinger

Are you ready for something darker?

We’re so ready for the second Fifty Shades film, Fifty Shades Darker – and a new cast member has been revealed.

It’s none other than former Bond Girl and Academy Award-winning actress Kim Basinger.

Kim is set to play a key role as Elena Lincoln, business partner and former lover to the main man Christian Grey – and the woman who introduced him to the world of S&M in the first place.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will also be returning as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey respectively.

Directed by James Foley, the second and third installment of the Universal franchise are being shot back-to-back – so hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for the third movie, Fifty Shades Freed.

The first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, made a whopping $570 million worldwide, and we’ve no doubt that the follow-up film will also be a box office hit.

There will no doubt be plenty of NSFW scenes just as in the first film – but surprisingly, the creation of those scenes were not as enjoyable for the actors as they were for the viewing public.

‘There’s a scene in which Christian uses a flogger on Anastasia,’ Dakota previously told TIME. ‘Filming a sex scene is not a sensual or pleasurable environment. It’s really hot — not in a steamy, sexual way. It’s just sweaty and it’s not very comfortable.

‘And on top of that, my hands and legs were tied, and I was blindfolded, and I was being hit with this bizarre tool. It was emotionally taxing. At first I was like, “Oh my God, this is the worst thing ever,” and then I was like, “All right, let’s get on with it.”’

Previously, we brought you the 30-second teaser for the movie, which doesn't give much away – but it does feature just as much heavy breathing, sexy lighting and Jamie Dornan brooding as the first movie, so that's a good start.

Here it is…

In other news, the chairman of Universal Studios previously told journalists that Fifty Shades Darker will be 'more of a thriller.'

We're thrilled already – but we'll try and keep our excitement in check, because it's not due out until February 2017.

More news and teasers please!

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