First Look At Jennifer Aniston In Oscar-Tipped New Movie Cake

The one where Jennifer Aniston goes make-up-free and may win an Oscar…

Jennifer Aniston at Cake screening
Jennifer Aniston at Cake screening
(Image credit: REX)

The one where Jennifer Aniston goes make-up-free and may win an Oscar…

Jennifer Aniston may be promoting Horrible Bosses 2 but the movie that everyone’s talking about – and the one that may finally secure her an Oscar nomination - is Cake. You know, the one where Aniston goes make-up free, gets addicted to prescription painkillers and puts on weight. Doesn’t sound quite like the signature rom com you were expecting now does it?

The Oscar buzz around Cake has been gradually gaining momentum but today the full trailer was released. And the full extent of Aniston’s make-under is clear for all to see.

Think Charlize Theron in Monster, Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby and Demi Moore in G.I. Jane and you get the idea.

In Cake, Aniston transforms herself to portray Claire Simmons, whom a car crash has left with scars on her face and body and in constant agony in her legs and back. As a result Simmons is addicted to prescription drugs and goes to great lengths to secure her next fix.

Full of raw emotion, the sharp black comedy sees Aniston popping pills and struggling to come to terms with addiction as well as the suicide of her close friend Nina, played by Anna Kendrick.

With drab, greasy brown hair, barely-there make-up and facial scars, Aniston makes a stark departure from her usual glossy self. And we couldn’t be more captivated.

Here’s hoping that Oscar buzz comes to fruition, and a Matthew McConaughey-style McConaissance is in the offing… 

See what all the fuss is about with the full trailer below...

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