Warner Bros. suing over 'Hari Puttar' movie

Warner Bros. suing over 'Hari Puttar' Bollywood movie

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Warner Bros. suing over 'Hari Puttar' Bollywood movie

Warner Bros. is suing an Indian film studio for releasing a movie entitled Hari Puttar – A Comedy of Terrors.

The movie giant is furious over copyright infringement, arguing that the Bollywood children's movie title is too close to the Harry Potter film series.

Hari Puttar, made by Mirchi Movies and set for release in September, tells the story of an ill-fated boy, dragged into a plot to save the world and is set to be one of India's most successful films of the year.

A spokesman for Warner Bros. confirmed: 'We have recently commenced proceedings against parties involved in the production and distribution of a movie entitled Hari Puttar.

'Warner Bros. values and protects intellectual property rights. However, it is our policy not to discuss publicly the details of any ongoing litigation.'

Munish Purii, chief executive of Mirchi Movies, argues that any similarity between the two films is 'purely coincidental'.

'Personally, I cannot see any resemblance between the names,' he said. Mr Purii explained that 'Hari' was a popular boys' name in India, while 'Puttar' meant son in Punjabi.

The case is being heard this week in the Bombay High Court.

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