This is the interesting way Blake Lively picks her movie roles

We hear you, Blake

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

We hear you, Blake

Blake Lively is having a pretty eventful year. Besides expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, she’s absolutely killing it in the maternal fashion department. And then there’s her stellar career.

Blake’s latest movie, The Shallows

M2Woman that she’s always looking for a challenge when she’s searching for roles.

‘It was incredible how quickly [the movie] moved because immediately you put yourself in that scenario and you think “what would I do if I was isolated and I was being hunted by a great white shark?”’ she said.

Filming was a challenge, and involved long hours in the water or out in the sun. ‘We probably had two days where we weren’t in the water and that was the opening scene but other than that we were in every day,’ she said. (Side note: we hope she had some SPF 100 to fight off that sun!)

But Serena van der Woodsen Blake isn’t just about physically demanding roles or ones that require that she be decked in H2T couture.

‘I always look for diversity and I always look for movies that will scare me – ones that I feel are incredibly challenging,’ she told the mag. And that seems to fit the bill. Her next projects are Woody Allen’s Cafe Society and a psychological thriller, All I See Is You.

‘And that’s what I look for – movies that I feel like I can’t not do, that’s really my barometer because I have such a wonderful family and person in my life that I think “OK, if I’m going to ask my family to come with me to the other side of the world it has to be something that I would really regret not doing” and that’s how I decide what I’m going to fight for and what I’m not.’

Words to live by, Ms. Lively.

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