So This Is How Much Taylor Swift Earned Each Day This Year…

This hurts. A lot.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
(Image credit: Rex)

This hurts. A lot.

Taylor Swift has banked an incredible $1million every single day this year, according to analysts. FFS.

Named the highest-paid musician in the world by The Express, Taylor’s earned $317.8 million since January from her epic world tour, album sales and endorsements with Diet Coke and Elizabeth Arden perfumes.

The 1989 World Tour has seen Tay Tay perform on 85 sell-out dates across four continents - so she really has put in some graft for the money.

So what’s a girl to spend it all on? As well kitting out a wardrobe full of skater skirts and high neck crop tops, Taylor’s done a lot of good with her hard earned cash, - she paid off a fan’s student loan, gave $30,000 to a back-up dancer whose nephew is battling cancer and gave $50,000 to an 11 year-old fan with leukaemia.

'Right now, Taylor is untouchable,’ media analyst Mike Raia told The Express. ‘She is so far ahead of everyone else in the industry that she has become not only a powerhouse entertainer but also an important mover and shaker on the commercial side on the music business.'

Taylor Swift’s apartment is, obviously, pretty impressive – a sprawling Manhattan loft with homely country style touches, worth $19.9million. The 25 year-old’s parents are said to have helped her make such good investments over the years as her dad, Scott Swift, is a wealth management advisor and mum, Andrea Swift, was a mutual fund exec.

We were previously impressed when we found out what Taylor’s BFF squad of supermodels earned per step, but these new figures really take the proverbial biscuit, right?

And at this rate, the megastar will be a billionaire by her 30th birthday…