The mystery of Kate Middleton’s nickname for Prince William is SO intriguing

Here's what we know: It exists. The rest remains uncertain...

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Here's what we know: It exists. The rest remains uncertain...

We have always wondered what Prince William and Kate Middleton call one another. Our interest in this subject came about years ago after it was (heavily) alleged that she called him Big Willy, but that was then. What about now? Has Kate moved on from that and chosen another nickname for him?

And what does Wills call Kate?

Well, now our questions are about to be answered. It turns out that Kate does indeed have a nickname for William, but the facts are a little blurred as to what it is.

When the couple appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show a couple of years ago, two different sources shared what they overheard the Duchess of Cambridge calling her other half.

The 'sources' are referring to the same moment in time, but retelling it with two different names.

Here’s what we do know: the nickname-calling occurred when the Royal couple were looking at an Australian plant called Buxus.

Step forward designer Mick Conway...

Speaking to Hello! Mick said: ‘They seemed very interested in the garden. William in particular, he said, “This for me is gold by far.” He also asked what this plant was (pointing to a Buxus) and Kate said to him, “Darling, we've got that.”’

So that's option one, Darling. And now, could Australian TV presenter and landscape gardener, Charlie Albone step forward. It was Charlie’s garden that Kate and Wills were admiring when he heard a slightly different moniker used.

Speaking on Channel 9’s The Today Show, Charlie said: 'I got to meet Prince Will and Prince Harry. Prince William was quite funny actually.

'He came up and said: "What [flower] is this one?", and I replied: "That's a Buxus."

'Princess Catherine just turned to him and said: "Babe, we've got those. We've got loads of those."'

When presenters Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson started laughing at this revelation and asked: 'Kate actually called him "babe" did she!?'

Charlie replied: 'Yeah she actually called him "babe", and said "we've got loads of those".'

So we’ve got Darling vs. Babe.

We’d remain neutral on the matter, but we’re pushing for 'babe'. Like, really pushing, and also hoping she calls him ‘Babelicious’.

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