Tearful X Factor elimination sees four acts leave

A tearful and tense X Factor elimination saw JonJo Kerr, James Michael, 2 Shoes and Amelia Lily all leave the competition

James Michael sent home in X Factor Twist elimination
James Michael sent home in X Factor Twist elimination
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A tearful and tense X Factor elimination saw JonJo Kerr, James Michael, 2 Shoes and Amelia Lily all leave the competition

It was JonJo Kerr, James Michael, 2 Shoes and Amelia Lily who were given ‘the big twist’ on last night’s show in a tearful and tense elimination.


Emotions ran high after both judges Kelly Rowland and Tulisa broke down in tears whilst they revealed which of their acts they’d be sending home as part of this year’s 'big twist'.

All four acts looked understandably devastated to leave the show so early on, but it was the girls’ category that seemed to shock everyone the most.

We think Kelly had the hardest job, as, had it been up to the public to decide, we think her girls would have all been in the final few.

Before she had announced her decision, the Destiny’s Child singer, told X Factor producers, 'I'm mad you waited til now to do this, we've been getting to know these kids, getting excited about their careers.'

As she announced her choice, Kelly tearfully said, 'This was so tough of a decision to make.'

She picked nervous 16-year-old Janet Devlin first, followed by Misha B.

Before she revealed her final choice she broke down in tears, telling the last two: 'I want you both to know that you are such stars.'

We were blown away by Amelia Lily from the very beginning and when she opened Saturday’s show with a sensational performance of Billie Jean, we thought she had a guaranteed slot in the final 12. But it was Sophie Habibis and her unique voice that Kelly put through to the next round.

Fans and celebs immediately took to Twitter fighting with a ‘Twitition’ to bring Amelia Lily back.

Rochelle from The Saturdays, tweeted, ‘ohhnnooooooooo Amelia Lily :( I LOVED her....what a tough call though, I don't envy Kelly AT ALL!!!’ While @GirlsAloudMedia posted, ‘Not impressed Amelia is out already, dont care for the other 3 that got out #xfactor’

We think we’re inclined to agree with Gary Barlow’s choice to send home James Michael after a forgettable Beatles cover, but we were surprised by Louis and Tulisa’s decisions.

We thought having already picked The Risk, Tulisa wouldn't take two boybands through, but she opted to save Nu Vibe and the Essex '2 Shoes' were eliminated. 

Tulisa, who said she hadn't slept a wink since Saturday’s show, told Dermot before her announcement, 'I’ve changed my mind twice today, made my mind up half an hour ago.'

Whilst sobbing, she offered kind words to the girl-duo, saying, 'I've spent the last 24 hours crying tears, tearing my heart out. You're my friends, I can honestly say that.'

Jonjo Kerr’s performance and song choice divided the judges opinion, and made him the first act to leave the show decided by an unemotional Louis, even though the judge claimed this was the ‘worst decision ever’. 

We thought the overly camp Johnny Robinson or the controversial Kitty Brucknell would go from Louis’ category, but the mentor saved them saying he had based his choice on who the public would like the most. As Jonjo told Dermot 'I could have done better' Louis chipped in with a contrived-sounding: 'I changed my mind twice as well today.'

Take-That judge, Gary, was very business-like in his announcement, saying, 'I've really based this on last night, I found last night very useful.’

Gary’s frank approach didn’t help James though who was unable to speak after he found out he would be going home. Dermot asked him how he felt, but choked and with tears streaming down his face, he said, 'I'm just going to cry.'


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