Susan Boyle’s debut album sales beat Whitney and Beatles

Susan Boyle hits chart number one spot with album pre-sales

Susan Boyle’s debut album has hit the top spot in the U.S. charts – and the record hasn’t even been released.

The overnight sensation has pipped both Whitney Houston and The Beatles to the post in pre-sales, topping the charts three months ahead of her debut album’s release date on 23 November.

Britain’s Got Talent singer Boyle has hit the jackpot, leading the way in pre-sale ratings on, only hours after the album’s official release on the site.

Proving the Scot is anything but a one-hit wonder, Boyle’s first album, I Dreamed A Dream, has already received tens of thousands of orders, leapfrogging world renowned artists in pre-sale orders.

So furious is the stampede for copies that Amazon are reportedly limiting the amount of records each customer buys Stateside.

Meanwhile, Susan is back on form after suffering a breakdown following her overnight success on the back of her runner-up status on Britain’s Got Talent.

The 48-year-old was this week treated to a private shopping trip to Harrods where she picked up six designer dresses to wear in the coming weeks, promoting her album.

A source told The Mirror: ‘Susan was very excited. She had never  been to Harrods and they treated her like royalty. She was ushered into a private area and given personal shoppers.’



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