Stop everything: We have a video of Tom Hiddleston holding a baby leopard

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    There are some things in life that are so perfect our sorry minds don’t even know they could exist until we’re faced with them. We can’t even imagine something so wonderful, such is the nature of the intense perfection.

    The most rewarding thing about these moments is that you never know when one is going to creep up on you, take you by surprise and take your day from average to blissful.

    Today is one of those days, people, for we have a video of Tom Hiddleston holding a baby leopard.


    The hot British actor appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show along with actor Thomas Middleditch, and to our utter delight zookeeper Jack Hanna turned up with a bevy of cuter than cute baby animals.

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    And sure, the combination of Tom and baby animals is adorable enough, but the way he interacted with the tiny leopard really took things to the next level.

    He was a mixture of nervous, loving, coy and tender. There were times when the cub was climbing all over him, yet he managed to keep his cool. We suppose that was because his British-ness wasn’t allowing him to panic. He didn’t even seem too perturbed when the other cub continually bit the guy next to him.

    We admire a man who can hold his own in a such a uniquely intense situation.

    Oh and then a penguin showed up. Seriously, the universe can be too kind sometimes.

    Tom went to go in for a stroke, but the penguin was given to James before he got the chance to.

    Here’s the heart wrenching moment:

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