Sienna Miller’s Role Has Been Cut From Black Mass

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  • Director Scott Cooper said that the choice was a "narrative" one and Sienna was "fantastic."

    Work probs. Sigh. We’ve all been there. But you still don’t imagine that they’ll happen to these big movie star types. However, it was bad news for Sienna Miller today when it was revealed that she’d been cut out of one of her most recent films.

    Sienna was set to star alongside Johnny Depp in the highly-anticipated Black Mass, as his character Whitey Bulgar’s girlfriend Catherine Grieg. However the director, Scott Cooper, said that whilst Sienna had been “fantastic” in the role, he felt he wanted to take the story in a different direction. “It came down to narrative choices,” he said.

    Of course, Sienna is not the first to be cut from a film and she certainly won’t be the last. And she’s already moved on – she was seen filming The City of Lost Z in Northern Ireland alongside Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam (we can think of worse ways to get over our work woes to be honest!).

    But just in case she does feel a bit down about it. Here are some other stars keeping her company on the cutting room floor…

    Uma Thurman

    Uma was due to star in Savages alongside Blake Lively, as the hippy mother of her character O. However director Oliver Stone had other ideas. He said: “She was a good character – Uma Thurman played her beautifully – and the scenes were good, but you don’t have time, you know? We have one goal in the movie, and you go out that gate and it’s like a horse race.”

    Jessica Chastain

    Jessica was meant to play a role in To The Wonder before Director Terrance Malik cut her out. She wasn’t the only one though, Terrance has form for giving people the axe and also cut out Michael Sheen, Amanda Peet and Rachel Weitz – at least they can commiserate together, eh?

    Shailene Woodley

    Shailene was set to play Peter Parker’s new love interest in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – until director Marc Webb decided that it wasn’t time for Peter Parker to move on with someone new just yet, and that it wouldn’t be fair for fans of the franchise who had bought into his relationship with Gwen (played by Emma Stone).

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