Someone tried to sell naked photos of Sia, so she posted them online for free

Yes, Sia.

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Yes, Sia.

Sadly people wanting to catch you out has become part of being a female celebrity, with many high profile women having naked photographs of them sold against their will, whether it's a snap of them sunbathing topless or a personal photo hacked from their phone.

From Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Rihanna to Kirsten Dunst and even Kate Middleton, the list of high profile women that have been victims to nude photo scandals is endless, with the latest being 41-year-old Australian singer, Sia.

After hearing that naked photos had been taken of the singer against her permission, and that people were attempting to sell them to the press and Sia's fans, the 41-year-old made a bold decision, clapping back and releasing the photos herself to make sure no one would be making any money off it.

‘Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free,' she posted to her Twitter account. 'Everyday is Christmas!’

Not only did the singer one-up the paparazzi, she also managed to use it to promote her new album, Everyday is Christmas, out later this month.

Fans have been praising the singer for her bravery, taking to their own Twitter accounts to commend her. ‘SIA LEGEND,’ tweeted one fan, while another posted, ‘Don’t let’em getcha!! BRILLIANT!’

Everyday is Christmas is out on 17th November - and we cannot wait.

Jenny Proudfoot
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