Shania Twain and husband split

Did Shania Twain's husband run off with housekeeper?

Marie Claire News: Shania Twain
Marie Claire News: Shania Twain

Did Shania Twain's husband run off with housekeeper?

Shania Twain has split from her music mogul husband Robert 'Mutt' Lange - amid rumours he had an affair with their housekeeper.

The 42-year-old country music singer is said to be 'devastated' by the breakdown of her 14-year marriage to the record producer, who described the reason behind the split as 'literally just a growing apart, that's all'.

However, sources told People magazine that Marie Ann Thiebaud, a longtime secretary and manager of the couple's chateau in Switzerland, was behind the break-up.

The source told People: 'Mutt and Marie Ann left their spouses for each other and are still in a relationship.'

Lange denied the claims of an affair, saying: 'It's not the reason.' He also denied he was in a relationship with Thiebaud.

Shania married Lange, 59, who was her producer at the time, in 1993, and the pair have a six-year-old son, Eja D'Angelo.

Shania has previously told how her wedding day was the happiest of her life.

She said: 'We had all the people who mean something to us there.

'My parents died in a car crash when I was 22, so it was poignant and special for me to have someone who is going to be with me the rest of my life.'

The couple have amassed a reported £300 million fortune together, with Shania selling 47 million albums in the States.

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