SEE: Cate Blanchett wows on Vanity Fair cover

Cate Blanchett sizzles on Vanity Fair’s latest cover

Cate Blanchett on the cover of Vanity Fair
Cate Blanchett on the cover of Vanity Fair
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Cate Blanchett sizzles on Vanity Fair’s latest cover

Cate Blanchett is nothing less than luminous on the latest cover of Vanity Fair magazine – but, the ultra-classy actress insists: ‘I’m not a trophy’.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star – radiant with flawless make-up and a metallic gold dress – talks candidly about her marriage to Australian screenwriter Andrew Upton, and her thoughts on Hollywood’s looks-obssessed society.

Where plastic surgery is concerned, she says: ‘I haven't done anything, but who knows. Andrew said he'd divorce me if I did anything.

‘When you've had children, your body changes; there's history to it. I like the evolution of that history; I'm fortunate to be with somebody who likes the evolution of that history. I think it's important to not eradicate it.

‘I look at someone's face and I see the work before I see the person.... You're certainly not staving off the inevitable. And if you're doing it out of fear, that fear's still going to be seen through your eyes. The windows to your soul, they say.’

She adds: ‘I’m not a spokesperson against the world of injectables… But I didn’t grow up in that world.

‘The reason I went to train as an actor was that I was interested in it for the long haul. You can become very self-obsessed, but you've got to keep looking outward.’

Blanchett insists she keeps herself separate from Hollywood, and that acting is only part of the picture for her.

‘I don't exist in that world,’ she says. ‘I observe it, but there's so much else to be thinking about.

‘Maybe it's because I'm with someone who's not with me because of that; I'm not a trophy.

‘He likes the vessel, but he also wants to make sure the vessel is full.

‘The world of film can be so noisy, but the other aspects of my life are actually the noisiest parts of my life. My best friends are a social worker and a visual artist.

The actress also reveals she hasn’t ruled out having more children, saying: ‘Who knows? Don't close those doors. The world is very overpopulated, but we do make nice ones. They all look like Andrew. To say he has dominant genes would be an understatement.’

And what will she do when movie-making isn’t a main focus anymore?

‘I think I just want to garden - or kill some plants, in my case.’

This is one hugely talented woman, who’s definitely got her head screwed on.



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