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Russell Brand reveals all to

Marie Claire Films: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Marie Claire Films: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Russell Brand reveals all to

Comedy lothario Russell Brand is taking the States by storm. In his first major movie foray, Forgetting Sarah Marshall - from the team behind Knocked Up - he plays self-obsessed rock star, Aldous Snow.

The main character in the movie has his heart callously broken. Which girl has broken your heart?

All of them. My heart is relentlessly broken by missed opportunity and failure to find happiness. I can't think of any individual heart breaks because I haven't had a proper relationship, as I've not really met anyone lately.

What's your tip to mend a broken heart?

Try not to form attachments to anything in the material world, it's all an illusion. Everything will end with death, if not before, so become unattached to things within yourself. Remember, nothing is permanent.

You play a famous rock star. Did you miss your vocation?

No, it's not for me, I'm not that type of a person, I'm much more of a comedian. When I performed on stage in the film I drew inspiration from Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop and Noel Gallagher - a churlish wit of a man. I love him.

How did you manage wearing your trademark leather pants in hot Hawaii?

Luckily I have a lot of experience with tight clothes so that made the part more manageable. What you have to do in these situations is slow your heart rate down and shut down like a hibernating animal.

So no talcum powder down there?

Oh good Lord, no. No I would never use that - certainly not on my genitals. I wouldn't like to see them looking dusty and out of use, like a relic in an antiques shop.

The crab position in the sex scenes was impressive, do you do yoga?

I do, but I wouldn't recommend that as a sex position, it might put your back out.

Did you feel self-conscious about having to get your kit off?

Yeah, I feel really shy about that because I'm not really that sort of a person. I did try to be a bit trimmer, but I'm happier wearing clothes - unless sex is about to happen.

You've taken your stand-up to the States, how's that going?

It's being received incredibly well. They get it. Here I'm just another Englishman but there's a novelty to me over there, they think I'm a Victorian time traveller, just visiting. I'd like that, once I fix that machine I'm off.

Where would you go?

First I'd go and look at myself as a child and tell me not to worry about me, that I'd be alright. Then ancient Rome. But what worries me is that women wouldn't shave. There wasn't the same dedication to waxing.

And finally, your top three favourite things about Hawaii?

Coconut bras - they really have them. Hummingbirds. Mongoose. Surfing - I popped up but I only caught a wave when I was pushed.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is released on 25 April.

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