Rickon Stark has just admitted what EVERYONE was thinking about the last GOT episode

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  • How infuriating was this?

    *Contains spoilers*

    It’s not exactly breaking news to announce that another character in Game of Thrones has died. Barely an episode of the HBO show goes by without someone getting killed off, not even the dogs are safe. We’ve even dedicated a full feature to how upset we are about each Game of Thrones death, ranked in order from ‘not sad at all’, to ‘embarrassing levels of devastation’.

    Basically, if you inhabit one of the seven kingdoms, good luck, ‘cos you’re not long for this medieval world.

    Categorised as ‘very sad’, is the latest GOT death: Rickon Stark, a plot twist that has caused quite the stir on the old internet, probably because it was the most frustrating, kind of preventable, slow motion death the show has seen.

    To recap, on the last GOT episodes, Battle of the Bastards, Rickon Stark meets his death at the hands of the incredibly annoying, filthy human specimen, Ramsay Bolton.

    Just as the big fight scene is about to kick off between House Bolton and House Stark, Ramsay releases Rickon and tells him to ‘run’ back to his family (Sansa and Jon Snow). He does. He runs. But before he gets to safe ground, he’s caught up in a flurry of precision arrows sent by Ramsay.

    How to evade a shower of killer arrows? Perhaps running in a zig zag would have been a better option than a lovely, ruler-straight line?

    Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon Stark on the show, obviously felt compelled to reply. And his tweet is spot on:

    ‘Had a good run #shouldazigzagged’

    Along with The Internet, The Hollywood Reporter also pressed him on the matter, asking him, ‘the Internet wants to know why Rickon didn’t zig-zag during the run.’ To which Art (great name, FYI) responded, ‘Yeah. That’s more of a question for the writers.

    ‘I just stick to the script! But in the moment, I really wanted him to make it. I put everything into it.’ So did we Art, so did we.

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