The real reason Beyoncé didn't turn up to the Emmy Awards

People were not happy that Bey didn't grace the Emmys with her presence

Beyonce MTV Video Music Awards
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People were not happy that Bey didn't grace the Emmys with her presence

This weekend was mostly about the Emmy Awards 2016. That, and London Fashion Week, obviously. However, aside from the night’s major talking point – that being Game of Thrones becoming the Emmys most decorated fictional show, ever – a lot of chat centered around the whereabouts of Beyoncé.

Despite being nominated for four Emmys, the Lemonade singer was a total no show, and people were not happy. Why had she snubbed the award ceremony? Did she know the winners list beforehand? Is she psychic?

Comedian John Oliver was perhaps the most disgruntled of the lot. ‘I saw the seating chart, and I was supposed to be sitting two rows behind her.’

‘All I really was thinking about for the last 48 hours is, “I'm going to be able to look at Beyoncé's head in 48 hours, but she hasn't turned up.”’ he told Us Weekly backstage. Soz John, we feel your pain, we really do.

The reason she didn’t turn up wasn’t because she wanted to avoid a potentially awkward run in with John. It was to give her vocal chords a well-earned rest before continuing her epic Formation world tour.

‘She doesn't want to risk having to cancel any more shows, so she decided to rest,’ a source told US Weekly, so now we’re here imagining Beyoncé sitting on the sofa, communicating exclusively through the means of Post-it notes and pencil.

Turns out, the Emmy powers-that-be decided not to award her for Lemonade anyway (we know), so it would have been a wasted journey.

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