Queen Elizabeth actually owns a McDonalds branch, and here’s where it is

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  • Really.

    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    There are some undoubtedly extravagant perks when it comes to being a member of the royal family – posh dinners, designer frocks for all your iconic style moments and so much money that you can spend £95 on a pair of socks (ahem, looking at you Liz).

    But aside from the glamour, have you seen the extensive list of Queen Elizabeth’s privileges? Not only does she have her own poet, but she also has her own ATM in the Buckingham Palace basement.

    And if you think an unlimited supply of cash in your very own home was cool, then wait until you hear this – Queen Elizabeth actually owns her own branch of McDonalds. Yes, Liz is the real-life Richie Rich and the envy of our childhood dreams.

    How? Well, the Crown Estate is known for including many castles, as well as iconic points of interest such as The Savoy Hotel and Ascot Racecourse.

    However, a lesser known fact about the Estate is that it includes land on which the Banbury Gate Shopping Centre in Oxford was built. The shopping centre has a McDonalds, as well as a Primark and an Ed’s Easy Diner, meaning that Queenie has the option of two fast food joints when she pops down to get her favourite bits from the Primark Harry Potter collection.

    While it would be way more convenient if the McDonalds was located in her home (just think of how truly glorious hangovers would be then), owning a Maccas sounds like a pretty tasty deal.

    Of course, the Crown Estate is technically owned by the Sovereign in the right of the crown, and the property portfolio is estimated to be worth a staggering £2.4 billion with profits going to Her Majesty’s Treasury.

    Something for Prince Charles to look forward to when Queen Liz steps down.

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