Why did Princess Diana suddenly stop wearing her signature blue eyeliner?

Her makeup artist has revealed all

princess diana

Her makeup artist has revealed all

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

While this week brought a royal buzz thanks to the announcement that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their third child, just last week the world was honouring the Princes' late mother, Princess Diana.

This year marks twenty years since her tragic death, and those who knew her intimately have been sharing stories about the people's princess in a bid to keep her memory alive. Prince William and Prince Harry have spoken openly about their most cherished memories, while members of the public who felt they had a real connection with Diana flooded Kensington Palace with flowers.

The fact that the nation is still mourning her death twenty years later is testament to how important she was to so many people. As well as being an advocate for charities like Leprosy Mission, the National Aids Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital, she is also revered for her sense of style and her undeniable beauty. If you think back to some of Diana's most iconic looks, you'll probably remember that she often dressed her sparkling blue eyes with electric blue eyeliner. However, over the years she ditched the vibrant hue for more muted beige and brown tones.

But why?

Diana's makeup artist Mary Greenwell has revealed exactly where the change came from. Mary is a highly respected in the industry, with celebrity clients including the likes of Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham, and she has trained Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge to name a few.

In an interview with Yahoo, Mary admitted that she was the one who convinced Diana to shake up her signature blue liner.

'I think beiges and browns are just so much prettier. Simple as that,' she confessed.

However, Mary was keen to keep the rest of Diana's look almost exactly the same.

Mary continued: 'She was someone who was in the public eye presenting herself all the time to the public. It isn’t particularly appropriate to go on changing your look every five seconds.

'She did change her makeup a bit. It’s just that it wasn’t changed dramatically. I think dramatic change is not really something for somebody who’s in the White House or in office or in a royal family, as it’s just not really appropriate.

'She felt no need to be showy, so she kept her makeup subtle and appropriate for the occasion. She loved to exaggerate her gorgeous eyes and wear loads of mascara.'

Whether wearing electric blue liner or a smoky brown eyeshadow, the fact that Diana is still inspiring beauty looks is proof that she is a true icon.

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