Prince Harry could have a new career as a pop star’s double

The Prince does bear a striking resembelance to this guy...

prince harry lookalike

The Prince does bear a striking resembelance to this guy...

Words Lexxi Davis

This week the royal family and Prime Minister came together at Westminster to celebrate The Queen’s lifelong commitment to the Commonwealth. Of course, everyone’s favourite redheaded prince was in attendance, along with his dad; the Prince of Wales and step-mum Camilla P-B.

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After the celebration at the famous Abbey, Prince Harry’s royal duties continued, meeting a group of children from Francis Holland School in Regent's Park, that were invited to meet the young Prince following the service. 12 year-old Tiya Thornton, who was part of the group, asked the young royal “Are you the real Prince Harry?” after telling him he looked exactly like chart-topping Brit artist Ed Sheeran. Seen to be tickled by the comment, the Prince assured her that he was the real deal responding, "Yes, the other one is Ed Sheeran."

ed sheeran grammys

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Harry was apparently left in stitches as he continued down the row of children with the Dean of Westminster, John Hall. He looked back at the group of giggling kids and said to the Dean, "Did you hear what they just said?"

Amidst rumours of the Prince’s true paternity, we’re sure this has provided some light relief for the Prince. As well as the ever-swelling relationship with American actress Meghan Markle, the 32-year old British royal seems happy.

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It’s been an interesting week for the royals and for once it’s Harry’s big brother William who has come under fire this week, following videos that surfaced of the future king partying in a ski resort in the Swiss alps, rather than attending the Commonwealth celebrations with the rest of the family.

So at least he knows that if he wants to give up being a royal, he's always got a career as an Ed Sheeran impersonator to fall back on.

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