This comment from Prince Harry supposedly started the Markle family feud


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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary in May, but just a month before the couple is expected to welcome their first child. Meghan let slip that her due date is in April, and while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been quiet about the baby's gender, fans think they have worked it out.

However, things haven't exactly gone smoothly for Meghan. Since meeting and falling for Prince Harry, some members of her family have decided to sell stories about her, give controversial interviews to the press and write scathing comments on social media.

Now, it is now being reported that the Markle family feud started shortly after Prince Harry's comment about them during a radio interview.

When Harry and Meghan got engaged, they gave an interview to the BBC where they spoke about their relationship, and Harry later gave an interview to BBC Radio 4. He spoke about his soon-to-be wife, and in particular how she fit right in at her first royal Christmas with the entire family.

When asked about how it went, Harry said that Meghan did 'an amazing job' before going on to say that 'it was the family she never had'. And it was this comment that reportedly sparked the feud.

Speaking on new Channel 5 documentary, Meghan and the Markles: A Family at War, Samantha said she felt Harry didn't have the 'full story'.

She said: 'Then we questioned why… why would she be embarrassed about her family, why would you need to set the stage differently. It was starting to feel like she wasn’t reaching out to the family.'

Meghan wrote to her father, pleading with him to just let her be happy, but this was also leaked to the media recently.

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