The one thing Prince Charles never gave Princess Diana during their marriage

Well this is pretty sad

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Well this is pretty sad

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

This year marks the twenty year anniversary of Princess Diana's death. As well as having a memorial statue erected in her honour, her youngest son, Prince Harry recently revealed he would be continuing his mother's work by working closely with The Halo Trust to continue uncovering landmines.

Prince Harry has also teamed up with his brother Prince William to stress the importance of talking about about mental health, with both royals opening about about their grief to Kate Middleton. Many have praised them for discussing the death of their mother and highlighting that mental health issues can affect anyone, royalty or otherwise.

But as August 31st edges ever closer, more and more details about Diana's life with Prince Charles are emerging.

A new biography about the Prince of Wales has so far claimed that he thought he could 'learn to love' Princess Diana, and that this was the big mistake they made on their wedding day.

However, it's Princess Diana's designer who is now revealing what their marriage was really like.

prince charles princess diana

Paul Costelloe, 71, worked for Diana for fifteen years until she died in 1997 says that he would always bring her bunches of flowers while visiting her at Kensington Palace for fittings, and that every time he did she was 'thrilled'.

But he also claims that Charles never bought her a single flower during their marriage, and was reportedly 'reluctant' to pay for her clothes.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Costelloe said: 'My other most amazing work was for Diana. I got paid well there - nice little cheques, signed by Prince Charles - probably reluctantly.

'I would go to Kensington Palace and bring her a bunch of flowers each time.

'She was so thrilled... I don't think [Charles] ever gave her a flower.'

The claim is particularly sad considering that Charles is known to have green fingers and reportedly spent much of his time outdoors in his youth. In 1980 he bought the stately home Highgrove House and poured his 'heart and soul' into turning the barren grounds into magical gardens.'

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Of course, who knows if these rumours are actually true.

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