14 Things We Want To See Happen in Season 6B Of Pretty Little Liars

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  • What would you like to see happen to these characters?

    Can you believe we have to wait until winter to see Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars? By now, pretty much EVERYONE in the world knows who A is (we won’t say just in case…), and we’re left with a big PLL shaped hole in our heart until the second half of the sixth season in January.

    We left off with the girls heading off to college, minus Alison, however we were also left with a hundred and one questions. All we do know is that the show is set 5 years on, the girls are now women, and they’ve hopefully graduated and are not being stalked by a crazed lunatic anymore.

    We have been given some teasers as to what is going to happen, thankfully, but here’s what we’d like to see when the show returns after the mid season break…

    1. Spencer Hastings

    Spencer would have graduated from a top college in something super brainy like joint law and brain surgery… The older Spencer will now be running for a State Senator’s position, becoming the youngest female candidate in history. In her spare time she probably plays semi-professional tennis and helps out at a soup kitchen, because you know, she can’t take on too much.

    2. Emily Fields

    Emily would have gone to university and met her one true love. However things didn’t work out because of her trust issues and their romance slowly fizzles out. Rightly so, her last fling did turn out to be an accomplice to her attempted murder… Emily ended up going to military camp for a while but it didn’t work out and spent her summer’s teaching swimming at Camp America.

    3. Aria Montgomery

    Aria seeked her photography fame in LA, however due to the current economical hardship in that industry, her internship didn’t become a full-time job. She now works as a PA at some bizarre startup media firm but they have a strict dress code which means her flair outfit choices have been put to one side (how can we forget that skirt made of ties?) Ezra did follow her to LA but ended up ditching her for a part-time actress and hand model called Kandi.

    4. Hanna Marin

    Hanna kept her scholarship from the Carissimi Group, and ended up graduating at the top of her class at Columbia. She maintained a steamy relationship with Caleb who just happens to be her fiancé now. They both live in New York together and have pet pugs called Karl and Anna. She’s still in touch with Mona, but it’s mainly late night Skype sessions because Caleb still doesn’t approve.

    5. Alison DiLaurentis

    Alison did a part-time degree at her local community college and now teaches at Rosewood High. She also runs a support group for other victims of stalking at the local church, which she has become an active member of. She ends up marrying a dreamy psycologist called Dr. Rollins (has been confirmed as a character), after meeting him at a therapy group.

    6. Mona Vanderwaal

    Mona ends up being offered a job as an undercover detective because of her epic skills, however she takes a two year hiatus beforehand to “find herself” on a yoga retreat in Bali. Her and Toby form a close bond whilst working on a case together and they have a brief romance. Don’t worry, Toby and Spencer ended not long after she went to college where she met, and subsequently started dating, an English Lord.

    7. Caleb Rivers

    Caleb moves to New York with Hanna and quickly works his way up at a tech company. He becomes the new Mark Zuckerburg and starts a social media site that allows you to do background checks on potential dates. He proposes to Hanna with a huge Tiffany ring, obviously.

    8. Toby Cavanaugh

    Toby spends the next few years campaigning to get his mother’s death changed to murder, rather than suicide. He’s now higher up in the police force and still lives in Rosewood. In his spare time he fixes cars and does a bit of landscape gardening. He and his stepsister Jenna are friends again.

    9. Ezra Fitz

    Ezra moves to LA with Aria but leaves her for the aforementioned Kandi. However that didn’t last long and he ended up spending most of his time in his cabin writing. He ends up changing Alison’s story into something more fiction and wins a prestigious prize for his work and a spot on the New York Times Bestseller’s list. His current work in progress is that book on his family life that he was so desperate to write. He still works on a typewriter despite being super rich because he has a phobia of technology.

    10. CeCe Drake

    We’re really not sure what could have happened to CeCe, but we’d like to think her misunderstood character was given a second chance. CeCe ends up in a really nice place surrounded by nature and nice staff to work out her issues. Here she begins penning her memoir about struggling as a transgender woman.

    11. Jessica DiLaurentis

    PLEASE can we find out who murdered her? Was it Melissa? Or Mr. D? Or CeCe? Or Jason? So many suspects! 

    12. Sara Harvey

    After Emily punched her in the face, Sara was left with a pretty, black eye for some time. It was uncovered that Sara wasn’t in fact Sara, but someone who had stolen her identity. She was subsequently arrested for identity theft and put into prison.

    13. A 2.0 

    We have been treated to a teaser of a new stalker haunting the girls, but we’re not really sure what could happen there… Lucas has been a bit M.I.A recently, so maybe he has something to do with it? He briefly mentioned a girlfriend to Hanna earlier on in the series, maybe that girlfriend was Sara Harvey that he met in an Internet chatroom for indentity stealers and creepy stalkers.

    14. The Mums

    If they haven’t already got their own spinoff show by then, Pretty Little Mommas, it’d be great to see them putting their wine drinking to good use with some sort of book club where they specialise in chatting about erotic novels with copious amounts of Merlot.

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