Paris Hilton arrested on drugs charges at World Cup

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  • The star was arrested by officers as she entered the country, but insists it was all a big misunderstanding

    Paris Hilton was arrested on drugs charges in South Africa over the weekend, but has insisted it was all a big misunderstanding.


    Just days earlier the Hilton heiress travelled by private plane to the country to watch the final stages of the famous football contest.

    Not leaving anything to chance, it seems Paris decided to take her whole wardrobe with her on the trip, and was pictured with an eye-watering assortment of Louis Vuitton luggage before take-off.

    And after jetting in, she was sure to keep fans updated with her progress, Tweeting a picture of herself watching the game, with the caption: ‘Had so much fun at the game today. What a match! I love South Africa!.’

    But just hours afterwards things took a turn for the worse for the star, who was arrested on drugs charges by burly South African police officers.

    Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton arrested on drugs charges at World Cup - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

    ‘The stadium is a smoke-free zone but at the end of the match an officer noticed Ms Hilton appeared to be smoking. Upon closer examination it became obvious she was smoking weed,’ one told reporters when questioned on Paris’s arrest.

    Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton arrested on drugs charges at World Cup - Celebrity News - Marie Claire

    The model was quickly taken into custody, and forced to pay a a 1,000 SA rand (about £80 ) fine, or face imprisonment for 30 days. Ouch!

    But just hours later, the charges against Paris were dropped, with the model claiming it was all just a big misunderstanding.

    ‘The case was considered in court and the charges against Ms Hilton were dropped. Her friend Jennifer Rovero pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and was sentenced,’ said her spokeswoman.

    Paris also took to Twitter in an effort to reassure fans, telling them: ‘Everything is fine guys. I had nothing to do with it.’

    Confirming that all was well, she added: ‘Everyone was super nice and friendly to me. I love South Africa! Such an amazing place, especially during The World Cup! Hope that clears everything up.’



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