You won’t believe how much North West just charged her mum for a cup of lemonade

We're impressed

We already know that North West runs the show most of the time (‘no pictures’), but she’s just outdone herself with her latest business endeavour.

At just 3 years old, Nori opened her own lemonade stand this weekend, and managed to hustle her mum into paying quite a hefty price for a refreshing cup of lemonade. Naturally, mum Kim Kardashian captured the whole funny scenario on Snapchat for her fans to see.

‘It’s $1?’ Kim asked, ‘Okay, can I have some lemonade for me and Rob [Kardashian]?’

Kim ended up paying a lot more than just a dollar for her lemonade, however. ‘A hundred dollar bill’ she then said in her Snapchat, ‘Who wants to take it?’

With North West entrepreneur-ing this hard at such a young age, who knows what she’ll go on to achieve when she’s a grown up?

Watch out Kim and Kanye, your daughter could soon be overtaking you in the business world…

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