This is the last thing that Nicole Kidman googled and it's very surprising

Is she planning a trip there or something?

nicole kidman google search
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Is she planning a trip there or something?

Nicole Kidman is all things to everyone, she’s elegant, she’s charming and she has cheekbones that could cut glass. (There’s a reason why she was nicknamed Queen of Cannes.) She’s also a little nerdier than you’d think, as she revealed in an interview with InStyle recently.

The Moulin Rouge actress sat down with the publication’s editor-in-chief Laura Brown to talk about her internet habits. The topic of her last Google search came up and after a couple of moments of thinking, Nicole gave a surprising answer.

‘The population of North Korea,’ she responded.

Taken aback, Laura asked, ‘And what is it?’

‘29.4 million and that was in 2013, just thought you’d like to know,’ Nicole told her.

‘You’re like a walking census,’ Laura said.

While she didn’t explain why she was off researching North Korean demographics, it seems like her Google searches are a little more intellectual than most.

The actress has had a busy 2017 with TV spots on Top of the Lake and Big Little Lies, as well as three films that aired at Cannes: The Beguiled, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and How to Talk to Girls at Parties.

If you can believe it, the actress turns 50 years old this year - here’s to slaying the fashion game and hustling as hard as Nicole does.

Megan C. Hills

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