Natalie Portman Made A Feminist Stand Before Signing Up For Ruth Bader Ginsburg Film

The actress insisted that the director of the Supreme Court Justice biopic was a woman.

Paris Couture 2015
Paris Couture 2015
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The actress insisted that the director of the Supreme Court Justice biopic was a woman.

Natalie Portman is one celebrity who's not particularly known for making diva demands.

But actress, 34, did insist on one thing before agreeing to take a role in an upcoming film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg - she wanted the movie to have a female director.

Natalie's request was made public when the flick's subject Ruth, professionally known as Supreme Court Justice, gave an interview to her former clerk, Goodwin Liu.

‘Natalie Portman came to talk to me about (the film landing a female director) and we had a very good conversation,' she revealed.

'And one thing, interesting, that she insisted on, it held up the project for a while. She said, “I want the director to be a woman. There are not enough women in this industry. There are many talented out there.”

‘And now they do have a woman director.’

It's since been announced that the lady who's stepped up to take on the challenge is Marielle Heller, who recently made her directorial debut with The Diary Of A Teenage Girl.

Set in the 1970s, the film stars Alexander Skarsgård, Kristen Wiig and newcomer Bel Powley.

The plot of Natalie's new movie will acknowledge Ruth's impressive legal career of fighting for women's rights. The script was written by the nephew of the Supreme Court Justice's late husband, Martin Ginsberg.

Ruth said: 'He asked if he could write a script about a case in which Marty and I were involved in 1971 and I said, ‘Yes, if you like to spend your time doing that.’”

A truly inspirational individual, the 81-year-old has spent almost half a decade battling to get her voice heard on issues including equal pay, birth control and abortion.

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