Naomi Campbell charged

Naomi Campbell charged over Terminal 5 fiasco

Marie Claire News: Cannes Film Festival 2008
Marie Claire News: Cannes Film Festival 2008

Naomi Campbell charged over Terminal 5 fiasco

Naomi Campbell has been charged in connection with an alleged assault on a policeman at Heathrow airport, it has emerged.

The charge follows an incident last month when Campbell was forcibly removed from an LA-bound flight after allegedly swearing and spitting at an officer over a row about her lost luggage.

The fiery 38-year-old supermodel will appear at Uxbridge Crown Court on 20 June, according to her lawyer, Simon Nichols, who said Naomi was 'bitterly disappointed' by the decision.

She was informed the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would face charges over the incident when she answered bail at Heathrow police station yesterday morning, weraing a smart pinstripe suit.

Last night the CPS confirmed Naomi had been charged with 'six offences in relation to incidents that occurred on a stationary aircraft and within Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport'.

Naomi is accused of assaulting two police officers — one of them twice. She is also accused of two threats to air crew, and disorderly conduct.

Each assault rap has a sentence up to six months — but JPs could send her to Crown Court where she could get 18 months jail, if guilty. She also faces fines of up to £21,000.

At the time of the incident, Naomi was flying by British Airways to a memorial service in the US from Heathrow’s Terminal 5, which was plagued by baggage problems and losses.

Naomi was informed that one of her bags had not made it on to the flight and was untraceable, allegedly causing Naomi to fly into a rage (instead of LA), resulting in her being handcuffed and removed from the plane.

The supermodel left all her problems in London last week when she jetted off to Cannes to celebrate her 38th birthday. She was seen partying on ex-boyfriend P Diddy's yacht, as well as gracing the red carpet in a number of dazzling dresses.

But it's back to earth with a bump, now!



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