Great News For 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Fans: A TV Sequel Is In The Pipeline

But will Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz be in it?

My Best Friends Wedding
My Best Friends Wedding

But will Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz be in it?

Back in 1997, My Best Friend's Wedding ended on a slightly unsatisfactory note, with Julia Roberts's character, Julianne, having to watch the man she loves, Michael, marry someone else, Kimmy. Happens to the best of us, but it was still heartbreaking to watch.

Except now there's the chance for the wrongs of the past to be righted, as the news has arrived that a TV remake of the film is in the pipeline - and it will pick up where the film left off.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will focus on Julianne navigating a new life in New York City, with best friend George as her guide. 

The Oscar-winning screenwriter Ron Bass will write the script alongside Jessica Amento, and the original producers are also said to be involved - so the project looks very promising indeed.

Can we get a hell yeah?

Not all fans of the film share our enthusiasm, however, with many of them opining that good films should be left as they are, and not chucked into the 21st century with an iPad here and a touchscreen there to prove how modern it is. 

The remake is just one of a series of reboots that also includes The Notebook, Little Women and The X Files, so you can understand fans' frustrations about constant remakes - especially given that a Chinese remake of the film will also be coming out next year.

We can't help being curious about what's happened to Julianne, Kimmy, George and Michael in the last 18 years, so we'll wait for the show with bated breath. 

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