EXCLUSIVE: Mia Wasikowska talks reuniting with Johnny Depp in Alice Through The Looking Glass

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  • Alice is back, and more badass than ever. We spoke exclusively with star Mia Wasikowska to talk all things Underland (and find out what she thinks is the best in Britain)

    Six years after Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Mia Wasikowska is back in the film’s much-awaited sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass.

    Set three years after the events of the first film, Alice Through The Looking Glass leaves behind the novel’s inspiration and follows the story of Alice Kinsleigh, who arrives back in London after sailing the world as a sea captain. When faced once again with the troubles of Underland, Alice must journey through time itself to save her friend, The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) – and destroy a few gender stereotypes in the process.

    Sporting a chic blonde short hairstyle – and looking like she walked straight off of a 1920s film set – we met up with the lovely Mia Wasikowska who gushed about returning to the fantastical world of Underland (that’s Wonderland for you, Disney newbies).

    ‘It was really good, I definitely felt like I knew the world a little bit more, and I know what it’s like to sort of make a film like this, so I definitely had a level of familiarity with it.’

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    With the older and battle-hardened Alice returning to Underland as a woman, Mia was quick to point out that unlike the novel’s young character, her Alice ‘comes from a very empowered place, with a strong sense of who she is and is very self-assured,’ she said.

    ‘Even though expectations of her are very low in the real world, she kind of holds onto the fact that she is worth a lot more and she should be doing something she really loves.’

    Other than the addition of Sacha Baron Cohen as Time itself, the film reunites many of the original film’s A-list stars, such as Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp who returns once again as Alice’s close friend, the Mad Hatter. Mia admitted that the film was a reunion of sorts, where ‘everybody sort of changes and time passes, but it was really nice to see everyone again.’

    Source: Disney via Tumblr.com

    And with Alice – you know – travelling through time and all, Mia was quick to point out that the film’s message was one she really loved: ‘You shouldn’t try to fix it or fixate on things that have happened. But just the best way to relate to time in the present day is to accept what happened and to move on in freedom.’

    Alice Through the Looking Glass is just the latest in Disney’s new slate of live-action adaptations of everyone’s favourite animated movies, with the already announced Mary Poppins and Cruella de Vil already getting fans excited.

    Mia Wasikowska in Christopher Kane

    Alice Through The Looking Glass is out on May 27th in the UK.

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