14 Times Melissa McCarthy Said What You Were Thinking And Feeling

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  • What better way to celebrate Melissa McCarthy’s birthday than to reminisce about her best moments with some LOL worthy GIFs.

    She is one of the funniest women on the planet (yes, we called it) and has become one of our favourite people too. If there’s a film with her name on it, we’re almost guaranteed to have seen it or to have already bought preview tickets to the first screening, so to celebrate her birthday we’ve rounded up fourteen of the Internet’s best GIFs of her quotes.

    Just two of our fantasy best friends having a giggle together.

    These are all the times that Melissa McCarthy said what you were thinking and feeling:

    That time you went on the pull:

    That time you fell off a cruise ship and a dolphin saved you:

    That time you couldn’t control your feelings:

    That time you got charged £30 for a whiskey and coke in da club:

    That time you lay down the truth:

    That time you let your single self free:

    That time you just couldn’t deny:

    That time you ate some dodgy Mexican food:

    That time you just were so confused you had to ask:

    That time you had to cheer up your friend and you did a fantastic job:

    That time you found the love of your life:

    That time you were the life and soul:

    That time you almost lost it when your new work crush came into the office:

    That time you most definitely had the horn:

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