Meghan Markle's Suits dad has arrived in London ahead of her due date

Is this a hint she's given birth already?

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Words by Maisie Bovingdon

Sussex Royal announced this week that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be celebrating the birth of their future arrival 'privately' before announcing the news to the world.

It's hardly surprising therefore that rumours spread that Meghan may have already given birth to the royal baby - especially following the news that Serena Williams appeared to reveal the sex of the baby. And now to add fuel to the rumours, a very close friend has just jetted to London to see her.

The Duchess of Sussex's former Suits co-star, and on-screen father, Wendell Pierce recently confirmed he had landed in England's capital the month Meghan is due to give birth (coincidence?).

Wendell, who played Robert Zane in the American series, tweeted: 'It’s great to be living and working in London while the excitement builds around the Duchess of Sussex soon giving birth to her first child.'

But the part that has really got our minds working overtime, was the final sentence.

He ended his post with: 'Meghan, I’m very happy for you. Blessings.'

So does this mean the little one is here?

It has been well documented Meghan doesn't get on very well with her father Thomas Markle, who was absent from the royal wedding last year, which meant her father-in-law Prince Charles gave her away on their special day.

But it seems her on-screen father has quite the rapport with Meghan.

Speaking previously to Vulture, he gushed: 'I care about her like a good TV father should.'

What does it all mean?

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