Meghan Markle broke royal protocol by taking a selfie with a fan

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When you're a member of the royal family, you're expected to follow several royal rules - apparently, these include no nail varnish, royal women avoiding being pregnant at the same time, and not wearing this before 6pm.

Since Meghan Markle joined the royal family, she has also been subject to royal protocol, such as not wearing jeans when in the Queen's company (and there's one royal rule that she doesn't understand).

The royals also aren't permitted to take selfies with fans, but the Duchess of Sussex accidentally did just that during her tour of Africa alongside Prince Harry and baby Archie Harrison.

One person decided to film Meghan as she walked past the crowds, capturing her with a flower crown filter.

In the video, Meghan leans forward looking at the phone screen curiously before realising that she is being filmed with the addition of a floral crown.

A South Africa-based platform, Own Ur Crown, created by artist and entrepreneur Nikiwe Dlova, was presented to the Duchess during a reception at the Johannesburg’s High Commission last week.

Nikiwe creates colourful headpieces and shared the video, writing on Instagram: 'Lastly she owned her crown with our Instagram filter we collaborated on with Will Hurt and Max Mutanda.

'When she [Meghan] looked away she realised it was the same headpiece I was holding! This is an experience I will never forget!!!'

Nikiwe also wrote a blog post about the experience, telling her readers: 'Wow!! What an amazing experience meeting The Duchess on October 2!

'300 guests were invited to Johannesburg’s High Commission to celebrate the UK and South Africa’s business and investment relationship. The British Council then invited 3 Colabnow creatives of 2018 to come showcase their work and I was one of the creatives! Harry and Meghan met with British and South African investors, entrepreneurs and creatives.

'She then owned her crown by playing with our hair art Instagram filter we collaborated on with Will Hurt and Max Mutanda.'

With the Meghan Markle effect in full swing, we're certain that the filter will take off - and we'll be seeing it a lot more.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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