Matthew McConaughey Singing Adele Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Another excellent performance from McConaughey if we say so ourselves…

Matthew McConaughey.
Matthew McConaughey.

Another excellent performance from McConaughey if we say so ourselves…

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but we have a lot to be thankful for - like this epic sketch featuring Matthew McConaughey dressing up as Adele. Yes, it happened.

Hosting the November 21st episode of SNL, Matthew made an appearance as a grandfather as his family gathers together for Thanksgiving dinner. The storyline sees the different family members arguing over a number of inflammatory and controversial comments on some of today's biggest socio-political talking points - think, the refugee crisis and racist police – the family can't seem to agree on anything, except of course, when Adele's Hello turns them all from squabbling family members to a loving Adele cover band.

The spot-on parody of the famous video has McConaughey looking fabulous in full-on Adele gear, donning her now signature fur coat, heavy black eyeliner and manicured nails.

It was a fabulous comeback for the actor, who hasn't hosted SNL for nearly 12 years, but with the McConnaisance having completed its victory tour, it was only a matter of time before the Southern actor graced the NYC stage once again.

The icing on the cake though? Adele was actually the musical guest for the episode, and SNL's official Instagram caught this amazing behind-the-scenes pic of Adele's reaction....


The timing of the sketch couldn't be more perfect for the 27-year-old singer, as her new album, 25, is now out. Following on from the success of her massive hit album 21, 25 is more than doing okay having already sold 1.9 million copies, more than both One Direction and Justin Bieber's latest album sales combined.

The power of Adele, folks...

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