This is the one thing that Mary Berry has NEVER eaten

Erm, yeah - same.

Erm, yeah - same.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Mary Berry has definitely earned her title as the nation's grandma - the ultimate Queen of cake, our hearts, and delightful innuendos.

And though the culinary whizz can do no wrong in our eyes, she caused a Twitter meltdown last week when she decided to add white wine and cream to her spaghetti bolognese on her BBC2 show.

Yes, really. People were genuinely outraged.

But it's the confession she made on last night's episode of Mary Berry Everyday that has everyone - including us - flabbergasted.

The 81-year-old made a very bold statement, and admitted that in all her years she has never ordered a takeaway pizza.

Erm. Sorry, what?

We don't quite understand. We're so committed to a weekly hungover helping of Dominos that they text us about deals on the regular.

Does she never crave the gooey goodness of a stuffed crust? The thrill of watching the personal pizza tracker as it gets closer? The wonder that is two for Tuesdays, for crying out loud?!

Apparently not.

Well, she is Mary Berry, and is more than qualified to whip up her own delicious meals. But we're finding it hard to comprehend. Next we'll find out that she's never experienced the excitement of a drive-thru, either.

Mary, come to ours when GBBO starts and we'll treat you to a Mighty Meaty.

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