7 reasons to pick up a copy of our beautiful new June issue

Drew Barrymore, chic swimwear, sex tips and an exclusive interview with Matt LeBlanc. What more could you ask for?

Marie Claire June issue
(Image credit: Marie Claire June issue)

Drew Barrymore, chic swimwear, sex tips and an exclusive interview with Matt LeBlanc. What more could you ask for?

1) The awesome cover star

Hollywood free-spirit and wine aficionado (she has her very own vineyard) Drew Barrymore is Marie Claire's June issue cover star. Inside she gives writer and actress Jill Kargman her best career advice ('be on time. Being late is selfish') as well as talking about her best friend Cameron Diaz, who she affectionately calls Poo Poo. 'I've known Poo Poo since I was 14 years old. We just happened to know each other before her career started, and I was working in a coffeehouse trying to re-figure out my life. So in a weird way [fame] doesn't even count with us. We can laugh every once in a while about a common problem, like, "Oh, my God, this guy jumped out of a bush today to get my picture," and she'll be like, "Oh, my God, me too!"'

2) Fashion, fashion and more fashion

Whether you're after a '70s maxi, a cowboy shirt or a really beautiful pair of pointy flats, we've got it covered. Also, check out our tips on how to wear this season's ruffle trend (it's all about proportions) and our selection of super-flattering swimwear for when you finally get to put your out of office on.

2) Very important news about orgasms

Did you know there were five different types? Sex writer Rebecca Newman explains all, along with some expert tips on how to get a little more creative between the sheets.

4) We chat to Matt LeBlanc (and ask how he's doin')

Making a surprise career move this month as Top Gear's new co-presenter, writer Martha Hayes talks to the Friends star about finally putting Joey to rest and his new petrolhead bromance with Chris Evans.

5) Quick summer beauty and fitness hacks

Bored of doing yet another loop of your local park? Maria Lally shows how you can mix things up and get results. Also, if you're dreading the thought of sandal season Anita Bhagwandas has got all the foot-buffing tips you need.

6) Free fake tan

The new issue of Marie Claire comes with a free St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion, a brand new product which you'll get to try before anyone else.

7) Our interview with the new period drama king

If you don't recognise George Blagden, you will soon. He's about to star in massive new BBC period drama Versailles (which contains some very racy sex scenes), we talked to him about wigs, Eddie Redmayne and learning to walk in high heels.

The June issue of Marie Claire is on sale now

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