Marianne Faithfull: Kate Moss stole my style

Marianne Faithfull says supermodel is a style-stealing ‘vampire’

Kate Moss and Marianne Faithfull
Kate Moss and Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull says supermodel is a style-stealing ‘vampire’

Marianne Faithfull has lashed out at Kate Moss, calling her a ‘vampire’ who stole her style.

The 60s icon said the former firm friends have fallen out and no longer spend any time together.

‘She's not really my friend. I thought she was, but she's very clever,' she said.

'She wanted to read me like a Braille book. And she did. It's a vampirical thing.'

In an interview with The Times, Faithfull, 62 – who famously dated Mick Jagger in the 60s – says the supermodel based her ‘look’ on Marianne’s own lifestyle.

'Now I see pictures of her with a boy who looks like Mick Jagger, and her looking like me. So there was a reason. It's one of her gigs to do me,' she said.

Kate is currently dating The Kills’ lead singer Jamie Hince.

Faithfull also took a swipe at Kate’s intelligence, saying the Croydon-born supermodel is uneducated.

Kate Moss and Marianne Faithfull

‘She's very clever, but she isn't at all educated. We don't have any [common] references. Except music,’ she said.

Kate and Faithfull used to be regulars on the London party circuit and even went on holiday together to the Bahamas. But the older icon says their relationship ‘finished’ some time after.

‘You know, it's OK. I don't give a s***. But I was quite offended at the time. We were very fond of each other. And then it suddenly soured,' she said.


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